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GaitScan is an innovative diagnostic tool and digital casting device allowing practitioners to analyze patient biomechanics and order custom orthotics. With 4096 sensors and a scan rate of 300Hz, GaitScan is the industry leader in dynamic scanning capability. GatiScan provides a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation for each patient and provides in-depth reports with access to over one million data points to assist in effectively diagnosing & prescribing orthotic solutions.

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Langer ScanCast 3D

Are you searching for an accurate, reliable and cost-effective alternative to plaster casting for functional foot orthotics? The ScanCast 3D system allows practitioners to accurately capture full volumetric data in less than five seconds. ScanCast 3D data faithfully captures all of the plantar shape data from the bottom of the foot and up to 8 inches up the back of the leg.

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Apex ScanCast 3D

ScanCast 3D is a simple-to-use foot-scanning app that allows you to instantly order custom diabetic inserts and/or Apex shoes. Order inserts and shoes in the same session and they’ll ship to you bundled in a single package! Replaces plaster and foam casts. Saves time and money. Free download and free scanning. Designed for use with the Structure Sensor scanner from Occipital. Another industry-leading innovation from Apex Foot Health!

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